The story of Rock`n`Roll made in Pula (and Istria)

This is a blog where you will find music from one of the richest rock-scene from Croatia, the city of PULA rock-scene.There will be some Istrian music too, as Istria is the region of Croatia to which Pula belongs to.You will find here how good and different was the Pula scene, with some of the bands recognised worldwide.


PS:All the infos about the bands are approximative, and will be changed with every useful info I get from the members of the bands!

PPS: Please notice that the NON-HIGHLIGHTED name of a certain release is a part of band`s audiography, but not available for download, for not having the permission or for respecting the authors rights. Or, of course, not yet in my possession.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

IN MEMORIAM : BRANKO ČRNAC - TUSTA (06.10.1955. - 14.10.2012.)

Branko Crnac nicknamed Tusta was the frontman of the most popular Yugoslav/Croatian Punk band of the end of the 80s/beginning of the 90s, KUD IDIJOTI. 
Tusta joined KUD Idijoti soon after the beginnings (the band was formed on February 2nd 1981.), after the band changed few guys on the vocalist position. 
After he joined, he became the charismatic frontman by which the band would be recognised everywhere. Tusta was also a member of the working class, as he never quits his job, not even when the band reached the peak of their popularity.
He was also a true anti-fascist.
In 2011., Tusta was diagnosed with lung/throat cancer.The band stopped with their activities, waiting for Tusta to recover from the disease.
It never happened.
Many humanitarian concerts were held to raise funds for helping Tusta`s cancer treatment.

Branko Crnac - Tusta died October 14th 2012.

Few days later, the band`s guitarist Sale Veruda announced that KUD Idijoti cease to exist.

In 2014., the city of Pula decided that a stairway near the club "Uljanik" will be called by Branko Crnac - Tusta.

Me and Tusta around 2008/9


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

ROSTIGLIO feat. ELUJ (2009)

ROSTIGLIO is one of the project invented by the hyperactive Franci Blaskovic, but this time joined by the also hyperactive musician/producer ELUJ. Franci only sang, and Eluj (Jule) wrote and recorded the whole material. The weird combination recorded three albums during 2009, and that was it. As Rostiglio is one of Franci`s projects invented after he ended the Gori Ussi Winnetou activity, these albums are his 64th, 65th and 66th albums.
PS: As for the name of the band, it has roots in a small place near Vizinada on the old road from Pula to Trieste, there was a restaurant on which was written Rostiglio, which was a completely invented and dramatically mispelled word between italian and croatian language, wrongly written in both languages and meaning actually nothing.