The story of Rock`n`Roll made in Pula (and Istria)

This is a blog where you will find music from one of the richest rock-scene from Croatia, the city of PULA rock-scene.There will be some Istrian music too, as Istria is the region of Croatia to which Pula belongs to.You will find here how good and different was the Pula scene, with some of the bands recognised worldwide.


PS:All the infos about the bands are approximative, and will be changed with every useful info I get from the members of the bands!

PPS: Please notice that the NON-HIGHLIGHTED name of a certain release is a part of band`s audiography, but not available for download, for not having the permission or for respecting the authors rights. Or, of course, not yet in my possession.

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Monte Paradiso is the name of a non-profit community/collective formed by a group of Punk/Hc enthusiasts from Pula, successfully functioning almost 22 years now. Except for organising concerts of more or less known Punk bands from all over the world, the community helds the southern Europe`s most important Punk festival "Monte Paradiso" (at its 21st edition this year!!) as well as a great AntiFa festival in autumn every year.

As I said, by now the Punk festival "Monte Paradiso" came to its 21st edition, and it will be held next weekend in Pula, with headliners such as the legendary Sweden`s masters of fast Hardcore MOB 47 and britains RESTARTS. By now, many known names played at this festival, such as Subhumans (UK), Extinction Of Mankind, Conflict, Rattus, Avskum, Nabat, Visions Of War, Skitsystem, Impact, Warfare (I), Argies, Spermbirds and many more.

Monte Paradiso is featured in the movie "Monte Paradiso 20", a documentary about the history of the community.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

AEON (1993-1997)

Undoubtely one of the best, and surely the very first Death Metal band in Croatia, Aeon was practicly the same band as Dissection (they changed name to Aeon because of the existence of the swedish band with the same name), only with a keyboardist added, which amplified the innovative sound of the band. Existed until 1997.

Saturday, 13 July 2013


Here are four more bands that left no audible and video traces, except for some pics..



LUDA KUCA (end of 70s)

NEGATIV (1981)

Sunday, 7 July 2013

THE SPOONS (1987-2000)

The Spoons is undoubtely one of the greatest and most successful bands from Pula`s Rock scene. Born at the end of the 80s and leaded by one of the most important figure of the scene, Romeo Djomlija (ex-Visoki Napon, ex-Torpedo, ex-Besposlicari), the band played the most uncompromising 60s Garage Rock that ever came out of Croatia. Took in time by the "Slusaj Najglasnije" label (Majke, Satan Panonski, Messerschmitt, SKOL, etc.), The Spoons overgrowth the undergroundness and became a known name in the whole world, concerning the Garage Rock scene. Lasted with line-up changes until the beginning of the 21st century, but remained a name of the Pula Rock scene.

... and I cannot avoid to put my favourite Spoons tune !! Baby Blue..

Demo 1 1987