The story of Rock`n`Roll made in Pula (and Istria)

This is a blog where you will find music from one of the richest rock-scene from Croatia, the city of PULA rock-scene.There will be some Istrian music too, as Istria is the region of Croatia to which Pula belongs to.You will find here how good and different was the Pula scene, with some of the bands recognised worldwide.


PS:All the infos about the bands are approximative, and will be changed with every useful info I get from the members of the bands!

PPS: Please notice that the NON-HIGHLIGHTED name of a certain release is a part of band`s audiography, but not available for download, for not having the permission or for respecting the authors rights. Or, of course, not yet in my possession.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

052 (1987-1990, 2009-)

The band 052 (the telephone prefix for Pula!) is one of the veterans of the Pula scene. They played in the 80s then split-up and reunited in 2009 in a completely different line-up. They play Classic Rock, and besides the demo from 1988, a very important document of the history of the band, they made brand new recordings and continuing with active playing.

Sunday, 14 April 2013


Here is another post with pictures of four more bands that left no audible/visible trace but pictures, but have been a part of the Pula Rock scene in the past decades.

SICK WINE FLY (1987-1988)


RAK (1987)

PLAKATI (1979-1982)


Pino Ivancic

Trio Pino Papilon Band was a project that lived only briefly, planned for no live performances, and just one studio recording. Made completely by members of Gustaph Y Njegovi Dobri Duhovi, this project made a fine recording recorded in Koper, and planned to be released as mini-lp. Unfortunately, it never did, but it is a pleasure to have this stuff still available.
PS: Thank you Edi Maruzin for the info !!

Saturday, 6 April 2013


A long time after the complete break-up of ANTITODOR I TALENTI/TALENTI, the lead vocalist Todor decided to revive the band with a completely new line-up. So with almost the complete material of the previous band, plus a lot of new songs, the band restarted a new life, with a huge success all over Croatia and wider. With two albums self-released (and two recorded but never released), the band played a lot of live shows, mysteriously disappearing sometimes between 2011 and 2012. Todor is still running his antistand-up show very successfully, so we can suppose the bands stop might be just temporary.

CD "Gubitnik" 1999